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"For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes on him should not perish but have everlasting life"


In 1917 John Nelson Parr became the pastor of a small group of believers in the Longsight area of the city of Manchester. Sufficient funds were accumulated to launch a revival campaign in Levenshulme.

An evangelist by the name Stephen Jeffreys was invited to be the

guest speaker, many notable healings and conversions took place in the town hall.

Great scenes of revival broke out and within three weeks hundreds of people of all ages turned to Christ.

A handful of prayer warriors had been praying for weeks for this campaign,

thousands of handbills were distributed by a few willing workers. Ministers, Preachers and Leaders of various denominations had warned their people against the meetings.

God was faithful and many amazing miracles were seen during the campaign. Many were healed from Cancer, Deafness, Meningitis and many other sicknesses and afflictions.

This work had to continue and John Nelson Parr was the man for the job. He

had to find suitable premises for the work to continue, the meetings continued in the Town Hall until the Lord met the need for a plot of land in Crowcroft Road, Longsight.

The first foundation stone was laid on 23rd June 1928 by Mr William Finch. Many trials and tribulations were endured before the building was completed, however the first Meeting held in Bethshan Tabernacle was on November 7th 1928, and the building was officially opened by the Mayor of Rochdale on December 8th 1928.

The opening ceremony was preceded by a March from Levenshulme Town Hall to Crowcroft Road.There was continual expansion of the work, until the Building

became much too small and plans were secured for the Tabernacle to be extended, providing classrooms for the ever increasing Sunday School. The extension was officially opened 3 years after the first meeting on November 7th 1932 by the late Evangelist Smith Wigglesworth.

The Sunday School work was a very prominent feature of the work at Bethshan.

Many were saved, signs, wonders and miracles followed the preaching of the Gospel, in the meantime the fire of God was blazing in Crowcroft Road, and the

enlarged Tabernacle was crowded.

Bethshan International Church has since gone through many changes and is currently a growing church aiming to serve its community. We encourage all nations to come together to worship God and contiunue the revival.


John Nelson Parr

By Keith Malcomson